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    The 2nd HDH elem event of choice!!

    This is a Fan page event!


    You need to make a fan sign with a hashtags#rfvaleriagaming #notoplayingadmin#notoplayinggm #dreamer
    You need to comment the photo in the comment box together with desired username/race/class
    You need to to make sure that given information should match your information in game in the future.
    We will give 8 winners for this event.

    What is Fan sign?: Fan sign is Selfie of your self. Bringing a piece of a paper. Showing the hashtags #rfvaleriagaming #notoplayingadmin #notoplayingm#dream


    1 HDH elem of choice.
    500 VP

    Event Started: March 2, 2018 / 9:41pm
    Event Ends: March 5, 2018 / 9pm

    Join now!!! and get a chance to win your 2nd HDH Elemental.

    Note: The first HDH elem event was the CHARACTER SELFIE EVENT AT FORUMS!
  2. Bandulf

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    i'm too shy/ugly to show off my face. hahaha

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