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Discussion in 'Players Suggestion' started by TabaneMeddia, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. TabaneMeddia

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    Currently there's no counterbalance for this weapon and while the ACC players may whine about it, the fact remains that this thing, along with auto attack based, movement impairing grenades make it easy for a two-man raid team to rack up tempo while having little to no effort.

    Let's compare for a bit, the launcher can be upgraded with keen, has a damage enhancing kit while being influenced with rings and amulets. The user can also dodge in siege mode so that's dumb. Not being able to hit stationary targets is outright an oversight that needs nerfing.

    The animus can't dodge, can be hit with relative ease with the summoner being a paper thin target to the striker. This is not to say that the summoner has to pour everything to their force attack to make animus damage lethal in which they themselves become vulnerable due to the non-existent hp a strong set provide.

    Lastly, the rider. While having a massive hp pool, they can't dodge. They're an easy target to click on and is usually focused on any team fight because the goliath can't deal as much damage like the catapult does and the catapult is the preferred choice for DPS. Unlike the first two, the MAU requires one more thing to have a significant DPS and that is the MAU bless dropped from VC SL that, unfortunately, can be killed by any race, basically crippling the entire special weapon of the Union. The rider has no active skill buff and is essentially toothless outside of their MAU. It's pretty much a good trade off as their MAU has a massive hp but to launchers, it's of no concern.

    This is not mentioning the state of elems in the game. Currently, Cora elems, mainly their rings have 1 stat boost while Bellato has 1 stat boost ear rings. The Accretia have 2 stat boosts in both ring and amulet. If not for the win streak the Bellato has, I'd say the server is like many PS I've been to: accretia biased.
  2. Schindler

    Schindler New Member

    Lol. You forgot to mention that strikers are practically sitting ducks when sieged. Also here's a secret. They get two shotted by Riders with Mau Blessing.

    As for the stats of elems in game havent you checked pvp point npc? As if lvl 100 macho buffs not enough for you
  3. TabaneMeddia

    TabaneMeddia New Member

    That's the thing, isn't it? The MAU blessing is the counterbalance to the damage a catapult can do. If your race was diligent enough to constantly check their spawn then you've successfully removed the threat.

    Your "sitting duck" argument about siege mode is hard to believe when attacks misses them. Why should you be able to dodge when you're a "sitting duck"? You also mentioned that they get two-shotted by Riders. If you haven't noticed it yet, it's that you need two shots, on a catapult, having MAU blessing. That's not a two-step process. You have to wait and kill for the MAU blessing, have a panzer at the ready, call down your MAU and board it then attack. What do launchers do? Right-click, press a button, voila! You can even do it after a jumping animation to look cool.

    I did. And it's irrelevant. You may not know this yet but not everyone starts off with 100k tempo. Might be different for you but oh well. I brought it up because this difference between foot soldiers is a tad noticable. Everyone else is handicapped just because the "toughest" race couldn't think of any workaround mage buffs and debuffs.

    The racial buff isn't some godlike buff making everyone immune to damage nor do they make SOD inflicted races drop like flies against one person. Far as I see so far, your race can still run away with a shield in hand and a gp knife with the other. Hardly matters when you're on entangle debuff, you can just walk away and still be alive. It's only a problem for you if there's a goliath or the cora ranger around to negate mobility. Your race on the other hand has a warrior net debuff and so do your specs only needing to buy ammo and a cheap grenade launcher that needs no repair.
  4. Schindler

    Schindler New Member

    Well strikers dont start off with anything either. They also need way more work to farm gears while riders just need a "few mins of PL and a few minutes of farm" to become relevant. You already have it way too easy. Also what I mean about stikers being sitting ducks when sieged are them being immobile. Dont even think about 1v1 against a stiker cause thats not how its meant to be. This is a team oriented game. I'll rest my case if you'd try playing a stiker and show me how OP they are, otherwise L2p
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  5. TabaneMeddia

    TabaneMeddia New Member

    They do, actually. You keep forgetting the two stat bonus for all four slots on accessories as if they hardly register for damage and convenience. It's as if you wanna make this class look so poor when they're really not.

    Riders don't just spend to become relevant. You're implying that without the panzer and blessing they'd be able to decimate any foes. If it were, then the Bellato wouldn't have any need for melee engagements. "A few minutes" of farm doesn't net you 600m. I'd like to see you try to get that amount in less than five minutes on a new rider for your "few minutes" remark.

    Farming gears isn't that hard in this server surprisingly. If it's anything to go by, the +4 non-relic upgrades isn't even that hard to reach. You're making a mountain out of an anthill with the whole launchers needing more work. What I find disturbing however that even if you do manage to get decent gears, that won't still be enough as the decent launcher gear OHKO you making all the effort useless and unnecessary. Your "don't even think about 1v1 against a striker cause that's not how it's meant to be" implies that making a striker is a guaranteed PvP point farmer as this autonomous class only need one support class behind it and wouldn't you know it, that class has a simple movement negating debuff that holds the target in place. I'm saying the risk vs reward for this class is just non-existent if we go by your statement alone. You imply that you have to bring others along if you wanna take down a single striker. How is that balanced? How is it that the opposing player doesn't even have the option to counter? If that's how it's meant to be then give the two races their two stat buffs back. That's how it was, no?

    I find it funny when you say this is a "team oriented" game when you're arguing for the least team oriented class. The striker can and have kills when ambushing a lone player but they're guaranteed safety when they are alone and is hunted by someone else. How evenly matched.
  6. Schindler

    Schindler New Member

    As I said why don't you try playing a striker. Farm your so called not hard to reach +4 gears and try to own with it.

    Strikers have been and always will be the OHKO class from the beggining of time so suck it up.
    Also I can farm 600m in 30 mins or less.

    The striker can have kills when ambushing a "squishy lone player" but they're guaranteed safety when they are alone and is hunted by a MAU rider. Fixed it for you

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